Safety and Health Policy

Sustainable development objectives aim to secure present and future generations possibilities to live a good life. Ensto manufactures solutions that support sustainable development and we follow the quality of our product to assure the products are safe to use.

As a sustainable company Ensto is committed to responsible decision-making for environment, economy and people. This means that sustainable company is also safe and healthy for its own personnel. Ensto is committed to provide healthy and safe working environment for its employees.

To fulfill this commitment Ensto has concrete actions and Ensto continuously develops safety at work.

Taking care of safety

Ensto is committed to provide all necessary resources to enable a safe safety working environment.

To prevent occupational accidents Ensto follows local safety and health laws and regulations. Safety is evaluated in many various assessments according to the action plan of the occupational health care, production procedures and property maintenance. To emphasize the importance of safety at production the industrial safety delegates and supervisors are in a key role in making and implementing the action plan based on assessment findings and action suggestions. Ensto has also established additional safety practice which is included to the 5S standard and audit at Ensto Operation plants. Ensto CEO is responsible for the safety on Ensto group level.

Ensto provides needed safety trainings continuously for employees and keeps records on those. Ensto production sites have regular evacuation rehearsals for everyone working at the property. All employees and supervisors are required to pay attention to safety and identify possible risks at working environment.

Taking care of health

To prevent occupational diseases Ensto provides and organizes occupational health care services for its employees according to local requirements. Occupational health care services include physiotherapist’s services to advice employees about ergonomics (especially postures and work movements) where possible. Ensto supports healthy and active lifestyle with activity clubs and events for personnel.

At Ensto a healthy working environment includes tolerance, courtesy, dignity and respect. To work as one these are fundaments of our daily work behavior. Ensto Employee Code of Conduct outlines the proper practices and provides guidance to help employees recognize and deal with ethical issues for all Ensto Group Employees in their daily work concerning their responsibilities towards their country, the shareholders, the colleagues and the environment.

Ensto monitors safety and health locally and globally with chosen KPIs. Globally Ensto monitors accident frequency rate at production sites and number of sick days per year per employee on country level. We constantly develop our procedures to aim zero accidents at our work.

Safety and Health policy (pdf)