Ensto is a 60-year-old international family business founded by Ensio Miettinen in 1958. The ownership of the company was transferred to the next generation of the Miettinen family, Marjo Miettinen, Anu Miettinen, Taru Kokkom√§ki and Timo Miettinen, in 2001. In April 2018, the majority of the ownership was transferred to the third generation of the family. Ensto's third generation owners are Anna Miettinen, Iida Miettinen, Jenni Raitavuo, Samu Raitavuo, Lari Raitavuo, Emilia Valsta, Miikka Valsta and Matias Oksanen. Marjo Miettinen and Taru Kokkom√§ki continue as owners.