Pia Hänninen, Director, Brand and Communications

b. 1964
College graduate, BA, Marketing
Working for Ensto in 1988-1999 and since 2002

Pia Hänninen started at Ensto as Marketing Assistant in 1989 having positions in the area of marketing and sales until 1999. She joined the media company Alma Media in 1999 as Sales Director for printing services and Vice President for the start-up company specializing in digital asset management services.  She returned to Ensto in 2002 as Marketing Manager focusing in development of marketing and consumer business at Ensto. After two years, she was appointed Brand Manager and a Head of Corporate Communications Team. During several years, she was focusing in development of Ensto Brand strategy, communications, processes and digital communications channels for Ensto. In 2010 Pia was appointed Director, Brand and Communications and in 2016 member of Ensto Management Team.

"Lifelong learning" is Pia's motto. She is interested in developing not only the working community and practices but also herself. Along her career, she has had versatile studies in the area of leadership, sustainability, marketing and communications both at the university and vocational level. "But my colleagues and the entrepreneurial working environment are the best fuel for my personal growth. Ensto is an exceptional company having great values and encouraging people to be creative, explore and learn by doing", she says.

Pia is a networker belonging to the several business and social networks. "Junior Chamber of Commerce JCI has been a great platform for both learning and international networking", she tells. Having had several national positions and international tasks in JCI organization she is now holding a JCI Senatorship since 2004. Today she is focusing in networks enhancing Ensto's growth. "Ensto itself is a fantastic international network with its 20 countries, diverse cultures and people. I am proud to be a member of this family!" she concludes.

She lives in the countryside with her family. Her stepdaughter is already a young adult. Pia spends her spare time in renovating the house, taking care of the garden and spending time with her friends. She loves travelling and different cultures, and nature inspires her. She enjoys especially downhill skiing, golfing and scuba diving.