Matti Rae, Director, New Technologies

M. Sc. (Eng.)
Working for Ensto since 1995

Matti graduated from Helsinki University of Technology with degrees in energy economics and electric power distribution.  He joined Ensto in January 1995, when he was appointed Development Manager for heating products. During the years Matti has served Ensto as Director of product development, Technology manager and currently holds a position of Director, New technologies.

Over the years Matti has gained an unique insight to an international family business and enjoys living in the era of major technology changes opening up huge opportunities for business and enhancing sustainable living on our fragile Planet. "What can I do today to make the future a bit better?" asks Matti himself.

Matti's hobbies are mostly technology and tool related, be it keeping an old pick-up truck running, renovating the house, having fun with the mini excavator or working as a forester in his own forest. When not working during the free time, he likes scuba diving. Matti's children are already young adults.