Fernando Trolia-Slamic, President, Ensto Digital Solutions

b. 1976
M.Sc. Eng. and MBA
Working for Ensto since 2011

Fernando was appointed President of Ensto Digital Solutions in 2018. He has previously worked as President of Ensto Electrification. In addition he has acted as Director, Corporate Planning for Ensto Group, as Director, Business Development for Ensto Utility Networks and as President, Ensto Industrial Solutions.

Prior to joining Ensto in February 2011, he held various positions in Sales and Operations in the global Oilfield Services and Construction industries in the Americas and Europe since 1999, and attended a full-time MBA at IMD in Switzerland during 2010.

According to Fernando, Ensto's ability to be ever quicker and attentive to the Customer's needs has enabled it to be a preferred player in the Cleantech community, this privileged position - that took years to build - is actively developed and defended on a daily basis across Ensto's countries and functions. This all is supported by very clear and solid values, and demonstrated by the continuous and profitable growth achieved consistently over decades and under all market conditions.

Original from Argentina, he truly enjoys living, travelling and working across cultures. In his opinion, Ensto provides a great combination of a professional and diverse environment with an outstanding commitment to creativity and innovation - very exciting technologies in a very exciting industry, he highlights.

In his private time, his passions are reading, travelling and spending time in the outdoors with family and friends, while skiing, biking, hiking and camping - in this sense, he says, Finland offers the perfect scenarios year-round.