Ari Virtanen, President and CEO

M.Sc. (Tech)
Working for Ensto since 2016

Ari Virtanen joined Ensto in April 2016, when he was appointed CEO of Ensto and a member of Ensto Management Group.

Ari earned his Master's degree from Tampere University of Technology with dual degrees in industrial economics and computer science.  In his working career, prior to joining Ensto, Ari has been working over 20 years in different leadership roles in international companies such as Kone, Elektrobit and Nokia.

Ari has brought to Ensto his wide range of expertise and experience, as well as new visions especially for fast-evolving businesses. Ari is excited about his new challenges “For me, Ensto is a great combination of solid existing businesses and future potential.” Examining and experimenting with new things is characterized by Ari. It also describes his motto "Someone else would do it anyway".

Ari is married and has two children, both of them already young adults. The fifth member of the family is a West Highland White Terrier with an ego much greater than his body. In his free time Ari tries to get physical exercise as often as he can. It can be running, biking, a fitness center, or whatever – even yoga. "Time invested in sports always pays back several times over."