2010s – Better life. With electricity.

Ensto expands in France

In 2010, Ensto strengthened its capabilities, especially in the area of smart grids by acquiring French Novexia; a manufacturer of low and medium voltage power grid accessories, as well as their automation and remote control equipment. Investments on the French market and in office electrification continued, when in 2012 Ensto acquired French-owned PGEP; designer and manufacturer of assemblies made of evolving and re-configurable sockets dedicated to energy, voice, data and images interconnection in office spaces. In 2016, Ensto invested more into electricity quality by acquiring French Tridelta Parafoudres, manufacturer of surge arresters for utility networks.

More investments in energy efficiency

Ensto strengthened its positions as a leading Finnish lighting solution manufacturer by acquiring Finnish Alppilux in 2014; a manufacturer of energy efficient lighting solutions. The acquisition significantly expanded Ensto's product selection, which now comprises a comprehensive solution range for both indoor and outdoor lighting as well as satisfies the needs of residential and business construction.

A war against losses

The Ensto Operational Excellence program, based on lean methods, was launched in Ensto's production sites in 2012 with the aim of achieving continuous improvements, concentrating on value-added production and reducing of losses. This development translated itself into shorter lead times and greater flexibility in production as well as in ameliorated product quality, which in turn created greater customer satisfaction.

3D-printing became a part of product development

Ensto greatly developed its product development, its own testing laboratories and its technologies. 3D printing became a part of the product development process.

Result improvements in product portfolio management

In 2014 an extensive product portfolio management project was launched with the aim of ensuring that the right product and service offering was available to customers.

Ensto digitalizes

An extensive Digital Ensto project was launched; aiming to define how digitalization will have an impact on Ensto's activities and how for example the digitalizing of Ensto's products, services, processes and tools could strengthen our growth strategy and through this improve customer loyalty.

Changes in management and organizational structure

Ensto reorganized its structure and offering by creating a strong and able organization capable of responding quickly to the challenges of constantly changing markets. As such, the Ensto Lighting business unit was created, and the Ensto Building Technology and Ensto Industrial Solutions business units were reorganized under one unit, Ensto Electrification.

Marjo Miettinen, one of Ensto's owners, became chairman of the board in 2016. Ari Virtanen was named Ensto's new CEO and with this, a new strategy era began. The new Ensto Smart Buildings business unit combines electrification, lighting and EV charging businesses. The Ensto Utility Networks business unit enables optimal capacity and quality of electricity distribution networks. The new Ensto Digital Solutions business unit develops digital solutions for both smart buildings, electric traffic and electricity distribution networks.

Ensto's parent company Ensto Invest made arrangements in the ownership related to the Miettinen family's generational change process. The majority of the shares of Ensto Invest was transferred to the ownership of the third generation in April 2018.

In 2019, Hannu Keinänen was appointed Ensto's CEO and President. As of August 2019, Ensto has two business units: Ensto Smart Buildings and Ensto Utility Networks. The functions of the Ensto Digital Solutions business unit were integrated into other parts of the organization.

Today Ensto designs and provides smart electrical solutions to improve the safety, functionality, reliability and efficiency of smart grids, buildings and transportation.