1980s – Doors open to the world

Rapid expansion and acquisitions 

The eighties was a decade of rapid expansion, primarily to other Nordic countries, but also in other directions. Acquisitions and merges continued and co-operation began with the German Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH.

New factory

A new factory was built in Porvoo in 1983, and robotics was introduced to manufacturing. The same year, the company got its new logo visible in the picture from The Electrex 88 Fair in Birmingham.

International electrification project 

By the end of the 80s Ensto’s electrification projects had reached already to Iraq, Peru and Malaysia.

New products 

Ensto expanded into new product families to e.g. electric heating systems, components for airfield lighting and industrial ceramics. EnstoNet, a flexible installation system, was developed in cooperation with the customers.

Signs of recession 

Exactly as in the seventies, Ensio Miettinen had uneasy feelings about the trends in economy and was one of the first to foresee the new recession. He started to think of ways to survive it.