1970s – Expanding by understanding the construction means

The decade of change 

The 70s changed the construction means and materials. Ensto foresaw the course of development. 


The acquisition of Oy Sähkövaruste Ab took place in 1972 and launched the rapid expansion of Ensto. In 1974 a new factory was founded in Mikkeli and the factory in Porvoo expanded. A year earlier, the company expanded to Sweden.


Economical recession in the second half of the decade tore the country and halved turnover in one year, but Ensto stayed in good shape by taking action in time. Ensio had sensed the little signs foretelling a forthcoming recession.

Package product idea 

Miettinen decided to slice the company into smaller modules. He realised that customer needs are the basis of the modules – and everything.

Head office completed in Porvoo

The head office has always been in Porvoo the current office being completed in 1974.

Changes in the management

Mr. Esko Kahela started his career for the next fourteen year as the Managing Director of Ensto in 1979.