1960s – Product development boosted growth

Endless composing of ideas 

Ensio’s capability of creating ideas together with product development produced numerous patents. Every new product had some unique new feature, e.g. easier installation or use, or a better design.

Cost-conciousness creates profits

Another important factor in achieving any profits at all was total cost-conciousness on all levels of the organisation. Seemingly small changes in design and paying close attention to the use of the expensive raw materials – such as brass – yielded savings and, consequently, more profitable production.

Market niches

Miettinen searched, found, used and filled the market niches with products that others could not manufacture.


Ensto published its first catalogue of electric supplies.

From 2 to 20 to 200

The work force was increasing rapidly in the 1960s and by the end of the decade it was time to reward the first, loyal employees whose years of service reached 10 years.