4A luminaires - Create your own space

Ensto is launching a new product family, composed of four luminaires: Anna, Aava, Avara, and Aamu. All members of this group share certain family traits, such as high-quality light, harmonious design, and an elegant appearance.

They all have their own unique strengths: Anna is smart, Aava is reliable, Avara is thoughtful, and Aamu is talented. These complementary characteristics guarantee that with the 4A range you can create a lighting solution that is ideal for your specific project. Make a space your own with the unique 4A range.


We created a harmonious appearance for the entire range. The luminaires feature a new end-cap design; you can choose a rounded or angular shape to individualise the style for your space. The geometric design is ideal for modern tastes, while the rounded shape brings warmth and softness to an office environment.

Anna, Aava, Avara, and Aamu form a harmonious and elegant product family that offers excellent luminous efficacy. From this range, you can find everything you need to create high-quality lighting conditions for your office or other public space.


The eldest of the family, Anna is both wise and smart. Available with a low-luminance louvre or micro-prismatic optics, this luminaire is suitable for surface, recessed, and suspension mounting. You can choose between a rounded and an angular version. With its versatility, Anna exceeds all expectations.


Anna System

The Anna System brings added agility to the range. This lighting solution is made up of well-designed high-quality modules with superb optical properties that contribute to pleasant and effective work conditions in offices and public spaces. The Anna System is greater than the sum of its parts.



Aava offers reliability. This luminaire lends itself to numerous applications and brings harmony to your work space. The slimline, robust, and efficient Aava comes into its own as a lighting solution for classrooms, offices, and work stations.



Avara brightens up your meetings. The thoughtful Avara offers efficient illumination for your meetings and also adapts to situations in which no lighting is required. In addition to boasting an elegant appearance, Avara is adaptable, enabling you to focus on discussions and negotiations.



Aamu is a versatile modular luminaire packed with talent. With a wide range of mounting options, Aamu can be installed in various ceiling structures in open-plan spaces, offices, and other public spaces.