customer-specific enclosing solutions

We offer you enclosing solutions and industrial components for the most demanding environments. We are a reliable and flexible partner with experienced people. Our sound knowledge of many applications and various raw materials, make us a real expert in this field. You can rely on our competence and quality.

Our solutions are developed for demanding industrial environments requiring a high degree of protection and extreme durability. We offer you high-quality standard and customer-specific enclosing solutions. We also support your operations with high-quality terminals, load-break switches and fuse bases that are designed and tested to meet a wide range of applications in various environments.

Our solutions are continually developed for long lifespans and to withstand the toughest conditions on earth. Durable products mean uninterrupted operations, lower maintenance costs and, above all, satisfied customers.


Engineering services for your specific needs

Our innovative specialists are happy to support your engineering department in finding cost-effective enclosing solutions for your specific needs, saving your resources and making your processes leaner.

We are a reliable and flexible partner with experienced people. Our sound knowledge of many applications and various raw materials, make us a real expert in this field. You can rely on our competence, quality and financial solidity.

All our solutions and components meet the highest internationally recognized quality standards. Our proven performance and certified quality come from our fully equipped in-house laboratories and well-known external laboratories, which we use for certification testing.

What are your needs?

Cost-efficient solutions
Our experts support you in acquiring and designing safer and more cost-efficient enclosing solutions tailored especially to your needs.

Customer-specific solutions
With our experienced design team, we support your product design for creation of specially designed enclosures, including a smooth technical documentation process, 3D modeling, and rapid prototyping.

High reliability
With our knowledge and range of materials, we are able to provide end customers with the greatest reliability. Material selections are always made together with our customers for optimimal and secure manufacturability and technical performance.

Design files
We support your end-solution design process further by offering the design files related to both our standard and customer-specific solutions. The file formats available are PDF, DWG, DXF, STEP, and separately zipped STEP files, for use with, for example, E3 software.

Below you can read more about our service offering

Customizing of standard enclosures

Machining such as cutting, drilling and threading

We are capable of manufacturing enclosures with customer-specific customization with low costs even for small quantities. Our enclosures can be machined to customer requirements with cuttings, holes, threads and countersinking so that the enclosures are ready to install with the best quality. For large series, we can also provide customer-specific additional tools.

We use Cuboflex and Fanuc units for customizing our thermoplastic enclosures. Our modular mold tooling structures enable cost-efficient mould installation and adding.

Silk Screen Printing

Our enclosures can be customized to look like the customer’s own; not only by painting, but also with silk screen printing. Silk screen printing is an easy way to print, for example, company logos, operating instructions and symbols onto the enclosures even for small batch sizes.

Color services

We have our own in-house painting service that serves as a cost-efficient alternative even for low volumes. Our standard thermoplastic enclosures can also be manufactured directly in a customer-specific color from a different color raw material. While painting is only performed on the outside of the enclosure, with specific color plastic even the holes and inner surfaces are the same color. Using colored raw material is especially affordable with large quantities.

Mechanical assembly of accessories and industrial components

All of our enclosures can be equipped with different components such as DIN rails, terminals, windows, cable glands, PCB’s, connectors and keypads. We are also able to acquire third party components and thus save customers time and energy. Our offering also includes ready wired enclosure systems with the capability to add hardware and software.

Custom packaging with brand labeling and customer-specific lot sizes

We are capable of delivering our enclosures in customer specific brand labeled boxes and wrappings. Also we are very flexible with deliverable lot sizes.

Special-design enclosures

Concept planning

The special design enclosure process begins with concept planning where we discuss the customer’s needs and requirements with the customer. We have an excellent knowledge of different manufacturing methods, protection classes, materials and certifications needed for enclosures in different environments. It is also possible to sub-assemble electrical components to tailored enclosures. 

Feasibility studies

Feasibility studies mean the evaluation of the manufacturing capabilities of a designed product. We listen to the customer’s wishes about the product design and work closely with the customer’s R&D department in search of the correct design with cost-effective manufacturing possibilities.

Product design

Our professional designers will produce the designs and mechanical planning in accordance with the customer’s wishes and provide the customer with all the necessary 3D models and technical documentation. For integration services, our designers are capable of designing the needed circuit diagrams and we can also perform the sourcing of third party components.


We have in-house 3D –printing capabilities for rapid prototyping. This allows the customer to evaluate the design rapidly and make the necessary changes with minimum waiting time. It is also possible to test materials and provide silicon based prototype series. We take design seriously and our enclosures are also visually incredible.

Tool ordering

We have a wide network of partners for implementing even the most complex injection molds for enclosure manufacturing at competitive prices. The tools are ready to use as and when the customer requires, with the best reliability and quality.

Quality assurance

We hold to the agreed quality of our products and services. We have a wide knowledge of required certifications and tests needed for commercializing products in different countries. We work closely with certification institutes and we help the customer in getting the right certificates with minimum effort. We already have a wide range of certificates for various materials, procedures and models so there is no need to test everything again. We will provide the customer with all the necessary quality documentation and we can arrange coordinating audits if required. Our production sites are certified with an ISO 9001 quality certificate and ISO 14001 environment certificate.


The production of our solutions is carried out in our modern manufacturing plants with state-of-the-art facilities. As a part of the production process, we are able to sub-assemble all the mechanical and electrical parts needed for the tailored solution so that they are ready to be installed when delivered.


We guarantee flexible, on-time deliveries meeting the customer’s requirements and we have a global support team for providing excellent customer service.

Electromechanical assembly, auxiliary electronics assembly and wiring

We have all the necessary capabilities to offer electromechanical assemblies, typically level 1-4 integration. Our assemblies fulfill related standards for low and medium voltage centre manufacturing EN 60439-1 and our manufacturing sites are ISO 9001 quality certified.

Testing including e.g. environmental and functionality testing

We test the endurance and the quality of our integrated enclosures, so that the customer gets the working solution for the exact environment and functionality they demand. In our testing facilities we have the possibility to do IP / IK testing, as well as test the correct functionality of the complete enclosures with electromechanical assembly inside.

Hardware and software integration

We can add computer hardware to our enclosures for demanding industrial use. We can also procure and install all the necessary software.

Components sourcing

Ensto manufactures a significant range of electromechanical components including terminals and switches as well as mechanical components like rails, assembly plates etc.

We can also include third party components to be installed into the enclosures as an integration service. Our wide global network of partners and our knowledge of the markets ensure the availability of quality components at competitive prices. 

Logistics services

We are known for our flexibility and customer-specific packaging and batch sizes available, making the whole order-to-delivery chain as simple as possible.

Quality assurance

By following international standards, Ensto ensures the high quality level of both parts and complete solutions delivered to our customers. Should a customer have additional requirements, these can be applied. Ensto collaborates with leading testing and certifying bodies such as UL, SGS and DNV-GL etc.

Customer-specific terminal solutions

We have years of experience in customer-specific industrial terminals targeted at the OEM industries and demanding environments. Moreover, we are a reliable and flexible partner with technical expertise and an experienced design department.

In addition to the standard components, we offer customer-specific solutions. These include e.g. standard terminals customised with prints, and customer-specific labelling and solutions designed and developed on the basis of our customers’ needs. An example of these is the Ensto Clampo Pro three-pole terminal block specially designed for one of our drives industry customers and available today in our standard product range.

Our service offering also includes deliveries with special packaging and manufacturing of products for private labels.

Our special strengths include:

  • Years of experience in customer-specific terminal solutions
  • Experienced design department
  • Production and assembly, also in low cost countries (LCC)
  • Large selection of high-quality terminals for a global clientele.

Related services

Our service offering includes e.g.:

  • 3D modelling
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Branding and labelling
  • Printing e.g. company logos, operating instructions and symbols
  • Manufacturing plastic parts from coloured plastic raw material
  • Certification handling and consultation
  • Manufacturing and assembly

Reference case

Customer-specific terminal solutions made for Vacon

Finnish company Vacon supplies low-voltage AC frequency converters in the range of 0.25 kW to 5 MW in both liquid-cooled and air-cooled ranges, with a global market share of 4%. These converters contain our Clampo Pro three-pole terminal blocks specially designed to meet the needs of Vacon and the drives industry.

Vacon's products are most often customisedsolutions. For system integrators and OEMs, Vacon offers all types of low-voltage AC drives, based on open and uniform technology.

The co-operation between Vacon and Ensto started in 2004. For both companies, energy-efficiency and sustainable development are an integral part of corporate strategy. The companies speak the same language, both in thought and in practice.

That both companies operate in several common locations, all over the world, naturally simplifies the co-operation processes, cuts down delivery times, and enables more direct communication.