The EnstoNet concept – quick and easy plug & play modular wiring

EnstoNet electrical installations are built in stages from prefabricated modules. With EnstoNet products, lighting and socket groups are completed quickly as luminaires and socket fixtures are fitted, without the need to open the distribution boxes or other components.

Thanks to our installation solution, large systems can also be installed as clear and manageable modules. Therefore, electrical work can be carried out simultaneously with the building of structures, and each module is ready for use without delay.

With the EnstoNet system, you do not need any additional installation accessories or tools. Stored in their own boxes, all components are easy to find. Deliveries can be planned to suit the project schedule. And what’s more, the EnstoNet system is not only quick and easy but also environmentally friendly. It does not generate any plastic or metal waste at the project site.

Why EnstoNet Modular Wiring System?

  • Easy design duplication of modular plans
  • Reductions in material costs and installation times
  • Shorter lead times for electrification projects
  • Flexibility to changes throughout the system’s life cycle
  • Installation components can be relocated
  • Environmentally friendly installation, without wastage
  • Shorter cabling installation time:
    • Resulting in 70% less construction time
    • 30% savings on total electrification costs, when product purchase and installation costs are factored in

EnstoNet installation system – united with Ensto Plugi smart controlling solutions

Ensto Plugi unites the EnstoNet installation system with smart controlling solutions. It is a customised power distribution and control system for public premises that utilizes EnstoNet installation couplers.

Ensto Plugi combines the EnstoNet system with intelligent control and related programming services. The available controls systems are KNX, KNX-Dali or wireless eNet. The end result is the most flexible prefabricated solution for smart electrification available on the market.

Distribution and control units benefits

  • Enhanced when combined with a control system for electrification
  • Instead of installation and programming work requiring specialist skills, all that needs to be done on-site is to connect the preprogrammed control unit with pre-fabricated cables to the rest of the system.
  • Saves time at the critical stages of the construction project
  • Minimises the amount of waste material
  • Reduced costs

EnstoNet Installation System Products

EnstoNet installation system is designed to revolutionize commercial building electrification. The prefabricated cable sets and system components provide easy plug 'n play electrification solution scalable to any project from large office buildings and shopping centers to smaller venues. It provides several time and money saving benefits not only during the construction phase but complete life cycle of the building.

EnstoNet installation systems benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Saving cost and time
  • Environmentally friendly installation, without wastage

EnstoNet Installation system products

EnstoNet Installation Couplers

The key component of the EnstoNet system is the installation coupler. We designed the EnstoNet system to make connecting couplers to each other easy and safe. Couplers are colour-coded on the basis of the recommended use, and the components intended for different applications are structurally incompatible. When the couplers are used in accordance with these recommendations, maintenance and making changes to the system are easy.

EnstoNet installation couplers benefits

  • Color coded for recommended use and easy installation
  • Enables fast, easy and flexible modular wiring
  • Reusable installation components

EnstoNet installation couplers

New: EnstoNet XL Installation Couplers

EnstoNet XL installation couplers are specifically designed to encompass all requirements for modular wiring applications up to 32A current carrying capacity. The connector system includes robust couplers suitable for both metal conduit systems as well as various types of cables up to 6mm².

EnstoNet XL installation couplers benefits

  • Flexibility: easy, fast, cost-efficient way to rearrange, expand or re-install an existing network
  • Fast installation: installation system based on advanced fabrication
  • Less on-site work: prefabricated components that reduces on-site work saving time and money
  • Safety first: no risk of incorrect parenthesis in terminations and continuity being maintained across the circuits and less risky work such as working at height on podiums or platforms

EnstoNet XL installation couplers