Electric car charging at home

Charging at home should be easy and safe and it also needs to endure time and different weather conditions. Ensto chargers are designed and manufactured for versatile conditions, around the world. Ensto has manufactured electric car chargers more than a decade and we are true pioneers in electric traffic. For single family houses we have Ensto One Home with different power options and easy to modify setups with Ensto Charger Control application. Ensto One Home is equipped with 5-meter cable and type2 plug for easy and convenient use.

Get your own Ensto One Home - Also installed!

Order your personal Ensto One Home -charger from our certified and trained partner. Our partner will make sure that your charger fits your (and your cars) purposes and your propertys qualifications. Our certified partner will also make sure that your charger is safe, easy and fast to use, when ever you need it.


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Ensto One Home

Ensto One Home makes your EV charging easy and safe. Elegant and durable charging unit is a key to super electric driving experience. Fixed cable is always available for you to use.

  • Enclosures polycarbonate (PC) plastic
  • Fixed, 5 m cable with Type 2 plug and integrated plug holder
  • Mobile app Ensto Charger Control
  • Two current versions 16A and 32A, 1 phase
  • IP54, IK10
  • Ambient temperature range -40…+50 °C
  • Wall installation as a default, optionally available also pole adapter and full length pole
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