Electric car charging at apartment buildings

Charging at home should be easy and safe and it also needs to endure time and different weather conditions. Ensto chargers are designed and manufactured for versatile conditions, around the world. Ensto has manufactured electric car chargers more than a decade and we are true pioneers in electric traffic. For shared charging in apartment buildings and housing communities we have Ensto One.

Smart, easy and safe charger which can be equipped with cloud based user-interface for charger-and user control. Ensto One offers a safe charging platform and equipment for year to come. Versatile power options and connectivity combined with socket or fixed cable possibilities make Ensto One the one for your community.

Get Ensto One from our certified partner

Contact our certified and trained partner to get smart, fast and safe charging solution for your needs. Our partner will make sure that Ensto One charger suites the building's and most of all people's needs now and also in years to come. Our certified partner will also make sure that installation is safe and possible load management will be at place for maximum charging power for all the users.

Partner website for apartment buildings

All certified retailers (pdf)

Ensto One

Ensto One is super easy charger for your every day needs at home. Elegant and durable design hides a super smart charging platform, which is perfect for apartment buildings or sites with multiple users.

  • Two current versions 16A and 32A, 1 phase
  • Type 2 socket (no shutter)
  • Mobile app Ensto Charger Control
  • IP54, IK10
  • Circuit breaker MCB/RCD type A (RCBO, 30mA)
  • MID energy meter
  • Readiness for RFID user authentication
  • Readiness for cloud-based load management
  • Wall installation as a default, optionally available also pole adapter and full length pole
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Ensto Wallbox

The Wallbox is a modular solution for dual EV charging. Its compact and user-friendly design makes it a perfect choice for daily charging in private.

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