Ensto EV Manager - Manage your charging stations and users

EV Manager is intuitive user-interface that enables quick and efficient management, operation and control of users and charging stations as well as user-based consumption data reporting.

Ensto cloud service  EV Rest API incorporates also many needs arising in the future. Our integrations enable almost endless tailoring possibilities.

Why should I use EV Manager?

EV Manager - cloud service management at real time

  • Quick and efficient 
  • Connection capability to Ensto EV chargers for 3rd party solutions
  • Suits companies, housing companies, home, operators - everyone
  • Detailed overview of all charge sessions and users 
  • Functions in one click


EV Manager catalogue

Visualize information

Visual status information enables quick assessment of Charging Station usage as well as alerts of possible faults. EV Manager allows information about availability, suspension and consumption.

  • Status information.
  • Graphs.

Manage users and stations

Easy solution for managing users and charging stations. With EV Manager it is possible to add, edit and authorize data.

  • Add and manage new and existing authorized users.
  • Authorize users for specific charging stations/groups.
  • Add or edit charging stations.

Report Consumption

Reports user-specific consumption data or charging point usage between desired dates. Facilitates billing opportunites in larger communities.

  • Data with preset time interval (month).
  • Charging events and amount for charging station or user.
  • kWh consumption data can be shown if measurement data is available.

Remote Control

Control charging stations remotely and perform function.

  • Start and stop charging.
  • Release cable.
  • Software reset.
  • Hardware reset (power off/on).
  • Refresh configuration.

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