Commercial Sector

Ensto offers a way for business providers to generate income with EV charging. Whether your business revolves around building a successful EV infrastructure with either electric mobility operators or in car parks, fleets or workplaces – we have the right solution for you.

Ensto’s smart solutions put your business first
- Receive real-time charging data to control your investments
- Choose to offer either free or paid charging
- Lower costs with easy-to-use remote management

Intelligent services with reliable products
- Durable, long lifetime chargers
- Easy to install: fits all EV models
- Automatic software & security updates for future-proof business

Car Parks

Let’s make car park EV charging smart business

Car parking companies look to increase capacity and occupancy, and the best parking businesses open up new ancillary services and revenue streams. Car park EV charging is an opportunity, but it is also a practical, technical and communications challenge. 

The car park business is measured on profitability and the customer experience. On the flip side, you have to minimise lost revenue opportunities. 

Ensto works with car parking service providers, such as Q-Park in the Nordics, Interpark in France etc. as well as commercial car park operations, like Disney resorts car parks and many shopping centres. We are a great EV charging partner because we focus on low OPEX and low effort infrastructure management, and we have a long track record of successful major projects. 

Make payment easier for your customers 

Our solutions can include RFID authentication, priority charging, contactless payment, variable tariffs, mobile payment and more. On some projects we work in partnership with payment specialists and charging point network operators. 

Grow a profitable EV network infrastructure 

Major car parking providers are typically looking to expand car park EV charging across their portfolio of owned and managed sites as demand increases. We help with EV infrastructure rollouts and network management software. 

Flexible multi-site monitoring and reporting 

With our API and OCPP compliance, you can easily integrate Ensto EV charging station data with other systems. Our software helps you make better decisions based on usage data and trends. Our intelligent hardware sensors also contribute preventive maintenance data. 

DLM – dynamic load management 

You want the lowest possible energy costs, along with high availability and the fastest charge for your customers. Ensto’s advanced load managing technology constantly monitors and allocates the current feed across multiple charging points. A key advantage is that you can limit capacity during peak pricing periods. 

Industry best after sales 

Car parks must eliminate revenue opportunity losses. Ensto hardware is durable and we have the best reputation for reliability in the industry. We offer various maintenance services packages, included extended warranties, remote and on-site support and local spare parts kits. 

What car park EV charging solution is right for you?

Ensto solutions for car parks range from fully managed Charging-as-a-Service packages, through to self-managed options using our intelligent hardware and cloud-based software. We have a wide range of hardware options for compatibility with all popular electric vehicles.

Get in touch and we’ll help you select the right option for your location and business. 

Ensto EV Solutions

References from around the world

Ensto EV Charging references and case studies feature household names and industry leaders from around the world. We have delivered EV charging solutions, including thousands of EV charging stations, to over 20 countries since 2009. 

Electric Mobility Operators

Our co-operation with electric mobility operators equals smarter service 

Chago has a long history of cooperation with several electric mobility operators and service providers. We supply our EV chargers and supporting services to ensure low OPEX and to cut down on CO2 emissions. Chago’s smart EV chargers enable operators and service providers to offer a variety of value-added services. 

We also interface, either with OCPP or REST API, to several back-end systems to provide commercial charging and roaming. 

Case example: Hesburger 

In 2015, hamburger chain Hesburger wanted to offer EV charging for its customers, with Chago as their selected technology partner. Chago delivered a range of smart and fast chargers: The Chago Pro, Chago Station and Chago Power – along with professional services. And everything was connected smoothly with electric mobility operator Virta’s back-end infrastructure. 

Which EV charging solution is right for your electric mobility operator?

Chago solutions for eMobility operators range from fully managed Charging-as-a-Service packages, through to self-managed options using our intelligent hardware and cloud-based software. We have a wide range of hardware options for compatibility with all popular electric vehicles.

Get in touch and we’ll help you select the right option for your location and business.



Future-proof your business with smart fleet EV charging solutions

Electric vehicle numbers are growing rapidly: there are over 10 times more EVs now than 4 years ago. 

Ensto EV Charging’s affordable and eco-friendly e-mobility solutions are ideal for any fleet operator. We offer a combination of reliable, modular hardware with advanced connectivity options and intelligent, cloud-based management software. Ensto makes fleet EV charging solutions that are both cost-effective and future-proof. 

Our fleet EV charging solutions

Ensto helps you choose the right components for your fleet EV charging solution. We offer everything from factory pre-commissioning and installation through to complete Charging-as-a-Service packages. Remote and local technical support along with remote software updates all help ensure a long lifecycle with lower OPEX. We can help you plan your lifecycle costs and ROI.

Fleet EV charging reduces OPEX

  • Lower your energy costs with Ensto dynamic load management.

Meet demand from your drivers 

  • Lower per km costs lead to happier staff and managers.

EV charging is tax-friendly 

  • Lower per km costs lead to happier staff and managers.

EV charging is tax-friendly

  •  Tax credits are available for EV driving employees in many EU markets.

EV charging is a proven way to cut down on CO2 emissions 

  • Ensto’s EV charging stations are all designed to deliver high power charging with low energy costs.

Share your green vision 

  • Boost your organisation’s profile by promoting environmentally friendly values.


All the right tools for smart workplace EV charging

The market for electric vehicle charging is constantly growing. With EV drivers looking to extend their range confidence, the ability to charge at work is becoming an increasingly important consideration for any company seeking to boost its staff satisfaction. Offering EV charging at your offices or factory can also help you reach sustainability goals and promote green values. 

But charging at work needs to be both smart and cost-effective. Fortunately, Ensto’s services are built upon these very principles.  

Our charging-at-work solutions include:

State-of-the-art design 

  • Reliable and stylish design.
  • High power charging with low maintenance cost
  • Mode 3 sockets to charge all major EVs.
  • Easy to install.

Advanced, cloud-based remote management 

  • Monitor individual EV charging station and network status.
  • Remotely start, stop and reboot charging stations.
  • Locate nearby stations with Chago’s EV Cloud.

Access and authentication management 

  • RFID-based authentication to identify individual user access.

Dynamic load management 

  • Maximum load based on maximum available power.
  • Charge fast, with lower costs with Chago’s dynamic load management.

Mobile data services for smart EV charging 

  • Smooth API integration with back-end systems enables easy mobile use.