Thermostat accessory

GTIN 6418677638756
Name Thermostat accessory ECO
Floor temperature sensor NTC 47 kohm / 25°C, 4 m, max Ø 5,0 mm, IP67, extendable 50 m / Cu1,5mm²
Description Temperature sensor for ECO-thermostats. Can be used as floor, room, ground or air temperature sensor in ECO10, ECO16BT, ECO16BTD, ECO910 or ECO500 thermostats. The sensor can be extended up to 50m with Cu1,5mm² but installation must be done so that other electrical devices or high current wires do not disturb the measurement. The sensor can only be immersed short term in water.
Vendor Ensto Building Systems Finland Oy
Brand ECO


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