Quality and Environmental Policy

Ensto is an international, growth-oriented family company with two businesses, which design and provide smart and reliable electrical solutions and expertise for the distribution and usage of electricity.
We believe in a better life with electricity and a more sustainable tomorrow.

Engaged, happy employees

At Ensto, we see our employees as the company’s greatest asset. As a family business, we value the dedication, motivation, and spirit that Ensto people demonstrate in their daily work. We foster equality, diversity and inclusion, and believe that skilled, happy and engaged employees are essential to continually enhance our capability to create and deliver value.

A clear and inspiring alignment of direction, empowerment and trust form a solid foundation which is strengthened by giving recognition and promoting positivity. Together we strive for the highest performance in our operations, products and services.

Customer focus and operational excellence

Our business is developed through strong customer relationships based on technological expertise and high-quality, flexible service. We want to add value at every customer interaction. We do business with customer needs and requirements always in mind. By doing this, we strive to exceed customer expectations in everything we do.

Our products and solutions are advanced, highly energy-efficient, reliable and with a long lifetime – designed and produced by drawing on the principles of the circular economy. Our processes are lean and work as a coherent, agile system with dedicated resources. This enables consistent, high-quality outcomes and excellent delivery capability.

Responsibility and environmental protection

We follow the Ensto policies and we are committed to complying with respective legislation, regulations and other applicable requirements. We promote responsible practices in our operations and entire supply chain. Sustainability and ethical conduct of business is our strength and embedded in our DNA. We expect our suppliers and partners to respect our values, policies and way of doing business when engaging in business activities with us.

We concentrate our environmental management efforts in the areas that account for most of our environmental impact. Our goal is to minimize the adverse environmental impacts of our operations throughout the entire value chain and the life cycle of our products and services.

Continuous improvement

We constantly focus on improvement to remain competitive and current. We strive for sustainable profitable growth for ensuring long-term stakeholder value. We develop our portfolio, business models and processes by encouraging creativity, using advanced development methods, and working together with our customers and other interested parties.

To achieve continuous improvement, we monitor our business environment, set targets, measure and evaluate our progress on a regular basis, and learn from the gathered data, results and feedback.


Quality and Environmental Policy (pdf)