EnstoNet XL - Robust Pluggable Installation Couplers

Ensto has expanded the EnstoNet installation coupler system, adding new EnstoNet XL products suitable for higher current ratings up to 32A. The new range of 3-pole couplers are suitable for up to 32A while the 4 to 6-poles are suitable for up to 25A current. The EnstoNet XL family is a complete solution comprising couplers, tees, switch fused tees and a host of accessories to complement the system.

EnstoNet XL installation couplers are specifically designed to encompass all requirements for modular wiring applications up to 32A current carrying capacity. The connector system includes robust couplers suitable for both metal conduit systems as well as various types of cables up to 6mm².


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The EnstoNet Installation system provides the easiest, fastest, most cost-efficient way to rearrange, expand or re-install an existing network. As no waste is generated and products can be re-used due to their modular nature, an environmentally friendly lifecycle can be achieved and disposal costs avoided.

Fast installation

With compressed schedules and programs combined with the inevitability of change, Ensto brings an installation system based on advanced fabrication. This provides the user with the ability to adapt as well as providing significant time savings compared to  traditional installation methods.

Less on-site work

The EnstoNet XL System is based on prefabricated components. Standard length prefabricated leads are wired from the distribution board/cabinet, with installation couplers used all the way to the end of the fixed wiring circuit. EnstoNet XL reduces on-site work by up to 70%.

Safety first

By using a truly modular system connections can be made correctly the first time with no risk of incorrect parenthesis in terminations and continuity being maintained across the circuits. The rapid nature of a EnstoNet XL modular installation requires less risky work such as working at height on podiums or platforms. As there are no stripping or cutting tools required personal protection is improved and risk of injury reduced significantly.

Featuring EnstoNet XL

Ability to meet 32A upper capability for power distribution

The 2 and 3-pole couplers have larger pins and can be used for up to 32A circuits with 6mm² conductors. The 4 to 6-pole couplers are for 4 mm² conductors and are suitable for up to 25A currents.

Solid build quality from Finland’s premier manufacturer

The EnstoNet XL range has been designed to be used in demanding environments requiring a high resistance to damage. The products are robust and durable and can be used where metal connectors have traditionally been used. The products meet the IK08 impact resistance requirements.

The EnstoNet XL couplers are manufactured with screw terminals inside the covers, making them the only connector of their type that can be replaced at site should it be damaged. This means the removal of a complete cable set is not necessary should the unthinkable happen. The benefits of EnstoNet have been carried forward to XL.

Possibility to use different cables

The couplers have different strain-relief housings for different cable types, making them suitable for normal cables and rubber cables as well as flexible metal conduits. TORX screws have been chosen for the strain-relief parts and T-distributors to reduce unauthorised opening.

Ergonomics and usability

When creating the new EnstoNet XL system Ensto has incorporated a new design level of ergonomics to aid usability. When held in the hand it is easy to identify the mating parts and align them for connection even without clear visibility of the connectors.

The connector is just 36mm x 36mm so will fit easily through a 50mm dia hole. The panel mount has been manufactured to fit into a 50mm dia cutout or into a laser cut or stamped knock out.

All EnstoNet XL couplers are the same size due to the modularity of their construction makeup.

EnstoNet XL meets IEC 61535 and BS8488. EnstoNet XL is IP2XD and suitable for readily accessible areas.

Suitable for a wide range of applications

We designed the EnstoNet XL system to make connecting couplers to each other easy and safe. Couplers are colour-coded on the basis of the recommended use, and the components intended for different applications are structurally incompatible. When the couplers are used in accordance with these recommendations, maintenance and making changes to the system are easy. 

EnstoNet XL widens the usability of modular systems to new applications due to higher current ratings and suitability for flexible metal conduits.

EnstoNet XL can be used for lighting and power distribution in multiple applications, for example in office environments for lighting control, lighting circuits, power to fan coils, floor and ceiling power applications, air conditioning power supplies, blind boxes and AV power applications. EnstoNet XL also means outgoing circuits on distribution boards can be modularised for both lighting and power.