Ensto One

for apartments

Ensto One is super easy charger for your every day needs at home. Elegant and durable design hides a super smart charging platform, which is perfect for apartment buildings or sites with multiple users. Ensto One together with EV Manager ensure smooth user management, user-specific consumption reporting and load management.

Super Electric
driving experience!

Super easy installing

Smart – Intelligent and easy-to-use electric vehicle chargers are at the heart of our development work.
Reliable – Efficient and safe electric vehicle charger.
Fast –Quick installation and commissioning due to the spacious installation box. The use of mounting adapters allows the power supply to be daisy-chained from one charger to another.

Super easy charging

Easy –Super easy charging for apartments and sites with multiple users.
Safe –Essential features of home charging and standardized charging method.
Profitable – Effective charging and low maintenance costs.
Compatible – Suitable for charging all common electric charging vehicles.

Super easy controlling

Fast – Commissioning of Ensto One is very quick. Basic configurations are easily done with Ensto Charger control Bluetooth mobile app.
Versatile – Managing users and creating consumption reports is easy with EV Manager.
Suitable – Provides readiness for cloud-based load management.


Safe, easy and smart
charging solution!

Ensto One for apartments!
• Charging power 1x16A or 1x32A
• Operating current adjustable from 6A – 16A/32A
• Type 2 socket (no shutter), optionally also fixed Type 2 cable or schuko socket in addition to Type 2 socket
• Mobile app (Bluetooth) Ensto Charger Control for basic configurations like adjusting operating current, connected phase information and firmware update.
• Ingress protection IP54, IK10
• DC leakage detection (RDC-DD, 6mA)
• Circuit breaker MCB/RCD type A (RCBO, 30mA)
• MID energy meter
• Readiness for RFID user authentication
• Readiness for cloud-based load management
• Wall installation as a default, optionally available also pole adapter and full length pole


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EV Manager – Managing charging infrastructure and users easily!

• Charger status and consumption information graphs.
• Management of new and existing charging devices and users.
• User-based consumption reports easily and send invoice-pdf’s to charging user email.


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Remember! Ensto One Home for single family houses!
• Charging power 1x16A or 1x32A
• Fixed, 5 m Type 2 cable
• Mobile app (Bluetooth) Ensto Charger Control for adjusting operating current from 6A–16A/32A
• Ingress protection IP54, IK10
• Including RDC-DD, MCB/RCD type A
• Wall installation as a default, optionally available also pole adapter and full length pole


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