Smart heating, smart choise - Ecodesign panel heaters and floor heating thermostats

Electric heating is the most sensible and cost-effective source of heating energy-efficient home. It doesn’t require major investments or special technical room. When your home's heating system needs updating, Ensto will find solutions that are easy to install. They help you manage and adjust the temperature of your home just to the level as you want, without wasting energy.

The benefits of new smart heating:

  • Calendar
    • Enable save up to 40% on heating consumption (Motiva 2015)
  • Smart Control
    • Optimizes the activation of the heating according to the conditions
  • Energy consumption
    • Optimize electricity consumption by tracking energy data and statistics
  • Fulfils the Ecodesign requirements
  • Easy to install and use
    • A familiar and safe installation and connection
  • Smart features can be enabled by downloading the Ensto Heat Control mobile app (iOS, Android)


Heating system products

Ecodesign directive for electric heaters

The Ecodesign regulation for electric heaters and floor heating thermostats came into force January 1, 2018. The purpose of the Ecodesign is to reduce environmental impacts of products which use energy or are related to energy usage. If the product does not fulfil the Ecodesign requirements, it cannot be sold within the EU market.

  • Defines minimum energy efficiency of electric heaters
    • Calendar control (daily or weekly)
    • Adaptive starting / remote control possibility / open-window detection
    • Standby consumption <0,5W
  • Part of CE marking

How Ensto meets Ecodesign requirements?

  • Possible to control locally on mobile devices (Bluetooth)
    • No remote control over the network
  • Weekly calendar control
    • Up to 40 %  savings in energy consumption (Motiva 2015)
  • Adaptive heating control
    • The thermostat optimizes the starting of the heating according to the conditions
    • Collect data and optimize based on history
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Ensto's Underfloor Heating
Control Ensto heaters and floor heating thermostats via mobile app

Ensto Heat Control App

Smart heating control provide a new kind of comfort and flexibility. Ensto’s panel heaters and floor heating thermostats are equipped with a smart electronic thermostat and can be easily controlled by a mobile device. 

The Ensto Heat Control application allows you to control Ensto heaters and floor heating thermostats that are equipped with Bluetooth technology. You can create a weekly or longer-term program for your desired period, as well as being able to track their impact on your home’s energy consumption. Using Ensto Heat Control App to manage your home heating is easy, efficient and reliable.

Download the Ensto Heat Control App from App Store or Google Play Store!


Tupa panel heaters

A cost efficient and reliable solution

Ensto Tupa electrical heaters offer a great combination of energy efficiency, comfort, safety, reliability, flexibility and low capital costs. Add to that ease of installation and an almost nonexistent need for the maintenance.

Tupa-heaters can be installed mainly to dry areas (IP20), except ROTI (IP24) which can be installed to damp areas. The product family consists of Taso, Lista, Peta and Roti heaters.

  • Connection box
  • RAL9002 colour
  • Extremely accurate and completely silent intelligent thermostat, accuracy +/-0.1°C
  • Adjustable temperature reduction control from the predetermined setting
  • Master/Slave function:
    • Taso and Lista slave heaters are available without a thermostat
  • Room sensor fault detection
  • Manage intelligent functions with the Ensto Heat Control App
  • Standby consumption <0.3W

Control and adjust the electric heater
The heaters can be controlled by heating-specific electronic thermostats or the Ensto Heat Control App. Using the Entso Heat Control App to create weekly times and a holiday schedule, as well as being able to track the mpact of these upon your home’s energy consumption levels. The app can help you control heating, edit settings, update your product and more.


Tupa panel heaters

Ensto Tupa Panel Heater
Portable Ensto Beta heaters with mechanical thermostat

Beta heaters

With connection box or plug

Beta heaters can be installed in dry and damp areas (IP21). The heaters also have a low surface temperature due to the X-shaped heating element. The heaters can be wall mounted or free standing (with separate feet).

Portable Ensto Beta-MP

  • Mechanical thermostat, plug and heater legs
  • RAL9010 colour
  • Accurate temperature control with +/-0.5°C thermostat accuracy
  • A mechanical thermostat is better able to withstand network disturbances and is therefore suitable for use in cottages etc.


Ensto Beta with mechanical thermostat

Floor heating control


By using reliable and accurate thermostats, the temperature in each room remains even and comfortable. At the same time, energy and money can be saved. Stylish and easy-to-use. Screwless connectors make connecting fast and reliable.

Underfloor heating thermostat

ECO10BTW-J is a 10A thermostate with a built-in 30mA residual current circuit breaker (RCCB). This makes the thermostat ideal for refurbished locations in which it would be difficult to connect the residual current circuit breaker at any other point in the circuit.

Combination thermostats for room heating

Entso’s combination thermostats have been specifically designed to respond quickly to changing needs. Heating can be controlled either solely by floor temperature or by both floor and room temperature. The speed and accuracy of underfloor heating depends on the structure: including slab thickness and flooring material.

The ECO16BT thermostat is used for controlling either underfloor or ceiling heating. Underfloor heating can be controlled based on:

  • Floor
  • Room
  • Combination
  • Power

In floor mode, the thermostat controls the heating according to the floor temperature. When the floor surface material is ceramic tile, the recommendation is to use a combination thermostat in floor mode.

In room mode, the thermostat controls the heating according to the room temperature and is used to control ceiling heating.

In combination mode, the thermostat uses room temperature to control the heating and accordingly restrict the floor sensor. The combination thermostat is the best solution for bedrooms and living rooms thanks to its fast and accurate response to temperature variations. It is also possible to set the minimum and maximum values for the floor surface temperature. The maximum level of restriction protects sensitive flooring materials such as parquet and laminate from overheating and damage.

In power mode, the thermostat controls the heating according to the time period. The boost mode can be used in situations in which a defective floor sensor cannot be changed, for instance.


Floor Heating Thermostats

Ensto's Floor Heating Thermostats