Underfloor heating, electric heaters and frost protection for new and renovation buildings

Electric heating is the most sensible and cost-effective source of heating energy-efficient homes. In a well-insulated home the need for additional heat is so low that the expensive heating system is a useless investment. Electric heating is the most reasonable solution now and in the future.

Ensto heating solutions offer a combination of comfort, flexibility, safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness. When we add to this the ease of installation and zero maintenance requirements, it is easy to see why Ensto heating solutions are a wise choice.

  • Underfloor Heating
  • Heating Control
  • Panel Heaters
  • Frost Protection

We bring heat, so you can enjoy.


Why electrical heating?


  • When investing in a heating system, electric heating is by far the least expensive and easiest form of heating for a builder.

Reacts quickly

  • Electric heating responds quickly and accurately to changes in demand for heating, in addition to electric heaters have nearly 100% efficiency.


  • A safe heating system is particularly important in households with children, pets or seniors. Electric heating is eco-friendly.


  • Electric heating is easy to use and does not require regular maintenance.

Many possibilities

  • Electric heaters, floor heating cables or mats and air-source heat pump are all forms of electrical heating.

Easy to control

  • The possibilities are endless with a modern, intelligent control system. However, for the majority simple controlling is enough, and the Home/Away modes are only needed.

Panel Heaters

Electric heaters are a common solution for heating various areas, because they are easy to install and replace with new ones. A comfortable temperature level is reached quickly, as most of the energy consumed is transformed into heat. Heaters react to other heating sources and make the most of the thermal energy that is available. Electric heaters save money!


Common features

All Ensto panel heaters are perfectly safe thanks to their low surface temperature and automatic overheating protection. The heaters are easily controlled with own interface or the Ensto Heat Control mobile application. Heaters respond quickly to temperature changes that are caused by other heat sources and have good efficiency levels, because they primarily heat room air instead of house structures. Heat losses?

Beta Heaters

Beta heaters can be installed in both dry and damp areas (IP21). The heaters also have a low surface temperature due to the X-shaped heating element. The heaters can be wall mounted or free standing (with separate feet).

    • Wall mounting with connection box
    • Extremely accurate and completely silent intelligent thermostat, accuracy +/-0.1°C
    • Fast reaction to temperature changes, which helps to increase comfort and ensures an even room temperature
    • The heater’s surface temperature is low thanks to the intelligent thermostat
    • Manage intelligent functions with the Ensto Heat Control App
    • Standby consumption <0.3W
    • Mechanical thermostat, heater feet and plug
    • Accurate temperature control with +/-0.5°C thermostat accuracy
    • A mechanical thermostat is better able to withstand network disturbances and is therefore suitable for use in cottages etc.

Beta heaters with electronic thermostat and connection box

Beta heaters with electronic thermostat and Euro plug

Beta heaters with mechanical thermostat and Euro plug

Tupa Heaters

Tupa heaters can be installed mainly to dry areas (IP20) except ROTI (IP24) which can be installed to damp areas.

Ensto Tupa electrical heaters offer a great combination of energy efficiency, comfort, safety, reliability, flexibility and cost effectiveness. Additionally, it is easy to install and need no maintenance.

  • Connection box
  • Extremely accurate and completely silent intelligent thermostat, accuracy +/-0.1°C
  • Master/Slave function:
    • Taso and Lista slave heaters are available without a thermostat
  • Room sensor fault detection
  • Manage intelligent functions with the Ensto Heat Control App
  • Standby consumption <0.3W

TASO (IP20): basic heater for homes and holiday homes

LISTA (IP20): a low profile heater under large windows

PETA (IP20) a cover-proofed heater with manually resetable overheating protection

ROTI (IP24) a splash-proof heater

Underfloor heating cables

Underfloor heating is suitable for most floor structures and flooring materials as a sole or combined heating solution. Heat storing and the implementation can be either direct, indirect or a combination of both. Underfloor heating and efficient ventilation avoid the risk of moisture damage. As underfloor heating provides a higher operative temperature, it is possible to lower the room temperature by 1–2 °C without compromising comfort. This will save 5–10 % in heating costs.


Tassu- and Tassu S –underfloor heating cables

Tassu and Tassu S are maintenance-free products for long-term solutions in dry and damp areas. Tassu cable is available as 20 W/m and is used primarily for new concrete floor structures. Tassu S cable is available as 10 W/m and is used for renovations together with wooden floor structures. Both Tassu-cables are preterminated twin conductor cables and a PVC-sheath.

  • Terminated twin conductor cable is easy to install
  • Heat storing can be direct, indirect or combination of both

Underfloor heating cables

Floor heating control

By using reliable and accurate thermostats, the temperature in each room remains even and comfortable. At the same time, energy and money can be saved. They are stylish and easy-to-use, and screwless connectors make connecting fast and reliable.

  • Savings

    • While you are away, you can easily drop the temperature and save energy & money.
  • Comfort

    • Accurate thermostats guarantee an even temperature and living comfort even in fast circumstance changes.
  • Style

    • You can find our thermostats in the same stylish design as your wiring accessories.

Combination thermostats

ECO16BT combination thermostats have been specifically designed to respond quickly to changing needs. Heating can be controlled either by room or floor temperature or by combination of both temperatures. The speed and accuracy of underfloor heating depends on the structure: including slab thickness and flooring material.

Underfloor heating can be controlled based on:

  • Floor
  • Room
  • Combination
  • Power
Combination thermostats

Underfloor heating thermostat

ECO10BTW-J is a 10A thermostat with a built-in 30mA residual current circuit breaker (RCCB). This makes the thermostat ideal for refurbished locations in which it would be difficult to connect the residual current circuit breaker at any other point in the circuit.

Underfloor heating thermostat

Frost Protection cables

Our frost protection system has been developed for the demanding climatic conditions. Frost protection ensures that properties are always kept functional and safe. The high quality of our products guarantee reliable performance for years to come.

Self-regulating cables

The Optiheat cables are specially designed for frost protection of water and drain pipes as well as roofs. The self-regulating power output increases when the temperature drops.

Three cables with different colors to different applications:  

  • Blue = pipe heating
  • Black = rainwater system
  • Yellow = outdoor areas, ramps, helipads
Self-regulating cables

Series-resistant cables

Tash series-resistant cables represent an economical frost protection solution for outdoor areas, pipes and tanks. Ensto’s ULLA300 ready-assembled frost protection mats are ideally suited for the frost protection of vehicle access ramps, entrances and pavements.

ULLA300 -cable heating mat

Tash single-conductor heating cables

Plug’n Heat frost protection cable

The Plug’n Heat cable with a schukoplug is designed for keeping piping and water meters ice-free. The cables can be use both out and inside of drinking water pipes.

Plug’n Heat -heating cable

Frost protection thermostats