Yard and ball games: where creativity begins

One of the most important aspects of junior sports is to give children healthy movement and operating models, keep them in motion and move them also after training and exercising. Yard and ball games help children develop creativity diversely – even the kind you need to be able to innovate in the electrical industry.

During the last few years Porvoon Tarmo, a basketball team sponsored by Ensto, has seen a 25% annual increase in memberships in juniors. There are activities for different starting levels, from children just getting their first experience in ball games to more active and experienced players. The big picture is to support learning through the rules of basketball and to develop children’s motor skills.

Supporting junior sports is essential to Ensto as the benefit of having a sports hobby can be seen in many aspects in children’s everyday life:

  • Children who have learned to move from an early age also benefit from the lessons learned from sports and can adapt them creatively into play.
  • Hobby sports in guided groups develop collaborational and proactive skills.
  • Doing sports in groups is a great opportunity to make new friends.

Ensto's business values include "Winning Together" and "Responsibility". For this reason, we’ve wanted our collaboration to include supporting Porvoon Tarmo’s scholarship fund. The grant is meant to support underprivileged families with their monthly tuition fees.