What’s going on in the life of your child?

When school children ponder whether cannabis is less harmful than tobacco or how substances affect everyday life, unfortunately, facts are often missing. Doing important work in schools in substance abuse prevention, Raide ry helps youngsters filtering and processing information coming from numerous sources.

Ensto has been supporting Raide ry’s work for many years, as we want to help taking responsibility in our surrounding communities. Our support is particularly focused on young people's social activities, such as Raide ry's youth work, which promotes young people's wellbeing and the ability to build a good life.

The main target group for Raide ry is 11–15 year old school children, who are offered free information in schools about substances and their impact on life. These free information events are also organized for parents to ensure they have sufficient knowledge in what is currently going on in the world of the young.

Young people's attitudes and feelings of substance abuse are discussed in a dialog and interaction – the aim is to make young people think with information based on facts. The aim is to clarify young people's values and attitudes while developing operational readiness. The goal is not just having a single event, as Raide ry offers young people a way to get support and someone to talk with by phone or social media.

In the autumn of 2019, this activity will also impact Ensto's area of activity when Raide ry will visit schools in Porvoo.