What one learns while young, one masters when old

Ensto’s Estonian employees took part to World Cleanup Day in Tallinn and Keila. The organizer of the World Cleanup Day is a civic-led mass movement Let’s Do It World. The movement was born in Estonia in 2008 when 50 000 people cleaned up the entire country in just five hours.
Ensto’s Tallinn team took an early start to the World Cleanup Day. Eight people started the voluntary cleaning work already on September 14th, a day ahead of the official event. The site had the same cleaning work done last May and the results spoke for themselves – the same area was cleaned now with a smaller number of people much faster.

In the city of Keila, our team of 16 people had an efficient cleaning go of 1,5 hours on September 15th. Amongst them some little but very keen and enthusiastic children. The highlight of the day, a picnic at the end to celebrate a day’s work, was obviously enjoyed in a clearly more clean and pleasing environment.
The aim of the World Cleanup Day is not just to move towards better waste handling, but also to raise awareness both locally and globally about the severity of the situation. And more importantly – to support and connect a new generation of community leaders ready to act together to find lasting solutions.
As part of our 60th anniversary celebrations, Ensto took part in the World Cleanup Day in eight countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, India, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.

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