We care about you – food aid to 60 families in need

Taking care of others is strongly linked to the values of our company. Ensto team in Kazakhstan decided to donate as part of the 60th-anniversary good acts 60 food-baskets to families in need.

The good act’s purpose was to bring joy and happiness – even for only a day. We wanted the families to feel considered and that we care for them.

“The best reward is to see the happy faces of people receiving these baskets. Especially the joy of the children was palpable”, says Zaure Mussabekova from Ensto Kazakhstan.

While giving away these gifts, Ensto’s employees got to hear many touching stories about all the up and downs the families have experienced and about the survival of everyday life. Despite their hardships and challenging circumstances, Ensto’s donators were met with strong and hopeful people.

“Some of the members of Ensto Kazakhstan team even decided to take personal care of some of these families in the future”, continues Mussabekova. 

After seeing the downside of life, one can better appreciate the little things of everyday life. Let’s take care of each other and let’s rejoice of family, health and work.