Sustainable driving – Installing charging stations at Ensto office in Norway

One of the themes of our sustainability work is reducing environmental impacts. We focus in assessing and reducing the environmental impacts of our own operations, as well as the impacts of the entire supply chain.

Ensto in Norway took a few important steps toward more sustainable future by installing 3 different types of Ensto charging stations, where 6 cars can charge at the same time, to the office’s parking place. This way Ensto can support its customers and employees with free charging in the parking place. The charging poles are likely to be in active use as there are approximately 150,000 electric cars and 74,000 hybrid cars in Norway at the moment.

Environmentally friendly cars

Ensto’s aim is to lease as environmentally friendly cars as possible while also encouraging our employees to choose company cars with low CO2 emission rates. Charging the batteries of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles can be done at a number of Ensto's office parking places.

One of the prime examples is Ensto headquarters’ parking place in Porvoo, Finland, which is one of the biggest EV charging points in Finland. There is also one extra special charging point: it gets its electricity from solar power panels. During the five years the number of electrical and hybrid cars at Ensto company has more than tenfold.