Supporting the fire department’s diving club

Sense of community lies strong in Helsinki’s Fire Department’s diving club. As part of our 60th anniversary’s good acts, aimed to bring good and joy around us, Ensto supported the diving club activities.

The diving club consists of Helsinki Fire Department’s staff, which most work as rescue divers. Firefighter training provides the capability for surface rescue, but rescue diving requires additional training. The diving club is a recreational activity that supports professional work as well.

“In the diving club, we are specializing in technical diving, where we have better equipment and more depth. In November, we were practicing with closed circuit equipment, also known as rebreathers, up in the open waters in the north,” says Patrik Grönqvist, a member of the diving club.

There are dozens of members involved in the fire brigade's diving activities and the community has a big role in the club's activities. Although it is silent and calm underwater, once back upon the surface, laughter fills the air.

But there’s also been grave moments. In 2014, in Plurdalen Norway, at the depth of 130 meters, an underwater accident happened, claiming the life of two divers. Three other divers survived the accident, Grönqvist being one of them. The rescue-operation of the local authorities was canceled upon too hard circumstances, but a team was assembled – including Grönqvist – and they returned to the site and succeeded in bringing back their deceased friends. Companionship and uncompromising attitude led through a life-threatening operation, which is captured in a documentary Diving Into The Unknown.