SPR supporting membership – bringing hope over cloudy headlines

It often feels that news headlines only cover conflicts, famine, wars, and disasters. All things misery. Fortunately, there’s still a lot of good being done behind the scenes.
We at Ensto want to contribute by building a better tomorrow both locally and farther away. We’re a corporate supporting member of the Finnish Red Cross Uusimaa district, where the support is directed into local volunteering work.

FRC is one of Finland’s biggest non-governmental organizations. The Uusimaa district has 4200 volunteers working in friendship and youth activities, amongst others. FRC’s volunteers also help in case of accident and crisis, support the authorities in receiving asylum seekers and employ long-term unemployed.

Finnish Red Cross is one of the 190 members of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, whose mission is to help the neediest around the world. Red Cross principles include that voluntary work is done specifically on a local basis so the help and support are present permanently.

Let's take care of each other – now and in the future.

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