Sharing environmental awareness for better tomorrow

Sharing information and educating people is often an answer to many things. This is also true with environmental awareness. More conscious peopleare more likely to make more sustainable choices and will continue sharing information. Ensto’s EarthDay theme week was dedicated to sharing environmental awareness among colleagues, friends and family.

International EarthDay is celebrated every year on April 22 and its history goes back to 1970s. The meaning of the EarthDay is to encourage people towards a more sustainable lifestyle and protect the Earth for future generations. This year EarthDay's international theme was End Plastic Pollution.

Ensto celebrated EarthDay with a theme week on week 16. The aim of the theme week was to show that how we can with small changes in our everyday lives decrease the amount of plastic that we use and how plastic can be in places and things that we couldn’t have imagined. During the theme week, there were a lot of tips available on how Ensto’s employees could do their bit to decrease the amount of plastic in their lives. We published blogs, tips etc. from different Ensto countries to help to inspire employees. We also encouraged employees to share the tips to their family members and friends.

The best feedback was that during the theme week we had inspired people to start recycling plastics and talk to their kids about decreasing the use of plastics. Together we can achieve better tomorrow!