Raising funds to the young living in a youth home

The support of the community is a priceless asset for families and individual youngsters facing a hard time. Ensto wants to help bring a better tomorrow for those in need. We participated at the Nevada Car & Bike Show charity, held in Porvoo on August 18th, donating the proceeds to sponsor spare time activities for the youth home and family rehabilitation foster home Alva house.

Alva house is the home of young residents aged from 13 to 21, located in Porvoo, Finland, who need a place to stay, either because of family hardship or personal causes. Alva house also provides family rehabilitation services for local families needing support overcoming challenging times.

Alva house strives to provide a secure and home-like environment for its residents. Learning how to cope with day-to-day chores together while getting the much-needed help and support in a challenging phase of life. Finding a meaningful hobby can be a huge benefit in finding direction in life in general while overcoming hardship. We’re proud and happy to be part of such a charity and cause.

The cars and bikes held on display at The Nevada Car & Bike Show attracted a substantial crowd. Custom Car Club ry and Cherubs MC Porvoo were responsible for organizing the event. The event was free of admission so most profits came from corporate sponsors. All profit generated by the auction held at the event, altogether 13 550 euros, was given in its totality to Alva house.

Celebrating Ensto’s 60th anniversary, we want to support our surrounding communities to build a better future.

Read more about Alva house (in Finnish)