Proactive aid: starting point for a brighter future

Ensto is a family business where family-oriented values have also been written in the company’s values. This was the background of our collaboration with Lions Club Porvoo-Borgoensis’ calendar project, which proceedings will be used to support families with young children in a temporary crisis.
Approximately 50 families receive a voucher from a fund administered by the Porvoo city and distributed by the local maternity clinic, to provide help making ends meet in everyday life through a hardship. Examples of these supportive situations include exhaustion and lack of safety nets, health problems, and livelihoods.
“We are able to provide a few hours of help for homes in need of temporary help with errands, childcare, raising help through crisis or illness,” says Porvoo city’s service manager of preventive services Eliisa Roine.
Previous families who have received help have been extremely appreciative of the given support. Lions Club PorvooBorgoensis’ premise is that proactive aid is the best anticipatory action to ensure a safe childhood.
Celebrating Ensto’s 60th anniversary, we’re looking to be even more involved in supporting our local communities and shaping a better future.