More playtime for the local children in Keila

What good would you do if you could improve your community's everyday life with electricity? Part of our 60th anniversary, the same question was pondered by our employees in Estonia. Amongst brilliant ideas, the brightest was the idea to illuminate a playground.

The city of Keila was renovating the lights of the Männi’s park walkways, but the playground was completely without lights. Ensto decided to step in and donated 11 Saga LED luminaries with posts for the playground. The project was carried out in cooperation with the city, which was responsible for the installation costs of the donated lamps.

The main incentive was to improve the usability of the playground and donate more playtime to children. Because of the lights, parents can now take their kids out to the park also during the long and dark winter evenings. More lights on an ever-expanding area surprisingly means also fewer costs. As a whole, the electricity consumption of the park's luminaires will be reduced by around 2200 kWh per year, due to the new more efficient lights in the area.

This 60th-anniversary good act indeed brought our vision to life: We believe in a better life with electricity and a more sustainable tomorrow.