Mobile orienteering combines physical exercise with mobile phones

Mobile orienteering combines nature, physical exercise and electricity. It is a modern way to do orienteering. Instead of paper map you use your smart phone. Mobile phone has it all – map, compass and control device – in one device. Only thing you need to do is to load MOBO application. The app is free and you can upload the app to your Android, iPhone, or Windows phone. After that you can find orienteering routes in different countries and cities.

You still need basic orienteering skills to complete courses. Maps in phone are standard orienteering maps and for navigation you need to use built-in on-screen compass. There are special signs in controls points with QR code. Punch information will be sent to server where you could see statistics of MOBO users. You can be a new starter and walk through a route or if you are more competitive you can run and compare your time to others who have done the same route.

Supporting school children to move

Ensto is supporting the local orienteering club OK Trian to build mobile orienteering routes for local schools to use in their physical exercise classes. The routes will be built in cities of Porvoo, Sipoo and Loviisa. School children learn how to practice orienteering, move in nature and get fresh air.

Mobile orienteering is new way to be active, move in nature and have nice hobby. It is a great example of better life with electricity.