Independence day celebrates common goal

Ensto is a family-run business and one of our core values is to prosper together. Working together for a common goal was never more tangible than a few decades ago when Finland fought a war for its independence. December 6th is the Finnish Independence Day, thanks to our war veterans.

For years, we have been supporting the Veteranposten magazine circulating in the Southern-Finland region in form of advertisements. Revenue from adverts is redirected also for the benefit of war veterans in Porvoo. The magazine is published by Södra Finlands Krigsveterandistrikt which is an organization who monitors and improves the interests of war veterans and is part of the national Sotaveteraanilliito (Military Veterans Union).

Around 600 000 men and 100 000 women fought during the war years in 1939–1945, although the war affected every Finn. Currently, there are less than 15 000 war veterans alive and their average age is well over 90 years.

The funds provided by the Military Veterans Union are directed to home-based services and home remedies facilitating home mobility. The veterans and their spouses are offered activities in the form of lunches and other gatherings facilitating social contacts and get-together.

Even though here at Ensto we always strive to create something new and always looking far into the future, it is also important to appreciate the past. We have done good deeds during our 60th anniversary and it is now our turn to help and support those who made it possible for us to spend the 101st Independence Day in Finland.

We wish everyone a peaceful Independence Day!