Hunters Juniors: A springboard to dreams

Ensto aims constantly to create a better future by developing energy-efficient and innovative electrical products and solutions. Meanwhile, many children dream of a safe and convenient environment for sports activities, some even dream of playing in an NHL ice rink someday.
Ensto is supporting Hunters Juniors, a junior ice hockey team from Porvoo, which aims to provide local juniors an easy and affordable way to play ice hockey.

“Everything starts from our low threshold ice hockey school, which provides the means to create an individual path for each child. In Hunters Juniors everybody can compete on their preferred level, as the teams are divided into three different levels. Some like just to play with their friends, while others want to practice and compete for more goal-oriented,” says Jarkko Salo from Hunters Juniors.

The club’s activities are constructed so that they teach a sport-inspired lifestyle and to give the right spark for movement. And to ensure the hobby and sports activities would carry over throughout their whole life. Hunters Juniors strives to offer an springboard also for children – if they desire so – to more advanced games.

“We want to provide skilled coaching and a high-quality junior path so that even the most ambitious athletes-to-be can practice close to their homes for as long as possible,” Salo concludes.

Ensto is proud to support Hunters Juniors in their work having children doing sports and bring them up in ways that these hobbies and friendships would carry over throughout their whole life.