Good acts and brilliant cooperation: new lights to Bournemouth’s MS Centre

In cooperation with Timeless BS Ltd and 8point3 LED Ltd, Ensto donated a new lighting solution to Bournemouth’s Multiple Sclerosis Centre. The good act not only created a better serving and a more versatile space but also brought savings in the future electricity bills. Ensto UK’s organized good act was a concrete example of how electricity can help us in everyday situations and make our lives better.

Multiple sclerosis, or MS-disease, is a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system, limiting mobility and performance. The Bournemouth MS Centre provides a social environment for sufferers to meet and receive treatment for the condition whilst taking part in organized activities. The subject is close to the hearts of some of Ensto's employees, as they are close to MS sufferers.

The main hall’s inefficient and energy-hungry lights had to go early this December, as Ensto installed 15 new DL6X6 Dali LED Flat Panel fittings in the main hall. The work completed with a wireless lighting control system from Chess Wise via 8point3 LED Ltd and the all-new QiNKT Twin Cable connector system. The installation of the fittings was completed by our partnering contractor Timeless BS Ltd who also ensured the wiring was up to the latest regulations as the building is quite old.

The hall is a true multi-purpose space, used for eating, bingo, handicraft, movie-nights and parties. Having a dimmable system will allow the lighting levels to be set to meet each and every event in a more appropriate manner. The clients of the MS Centre were awestruck by the speed of the installation and the change the new lights brought – it seems like a totally new place!

The centre is self-funding and only receives income from its members, fundraising events and charitable donations. With Ensto’s and its partners' donation, the Bournemouth MS Centre got a new lighting solution and a smaller electricity bill in the future.

“We were blown away by the support of the companies involved,” says Anne Cheek, a frequent visitor of Bournemouth’s MS Centre, putting into words the feelings of the whole community. 

”There is a marked difference in the lighting and we look forward to the efficacies reducing our energy consumption over the coming months and years. I would like to thank Ensto UK Ltd, Timeless BS Ltd and 8point3 LED Ltd for their kind act supporting our charity,” continues Rod Slip, the Chairman of Bournemouth MS Centre.

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