New life to old flags and other leftovers

Minimizing waste is one of our environmental goals at Ensto. We continuously try to find ways to recycle, prevent the waste generation and also to find new uses for our old items. Sustainability of our own products as well as purchased products is also important for us. Therefore, we started to find ways to use our own leftovers in making more sustainable business gifts.

The first outcome of sustainable business gifts are ecological bags, which have been made from our own old Ensto flags which otherwise would have been discarded. The first collection is a limited edition of 100 pieces. Manufacturing of a canvas bag from virgin cotton produces 960–2750 g CO2-ekv emissions (Suomen Ympäristökeskus), so roughly estimating 96–275 kg CO2-ekv emissions can be saved, when 100 pc of bags are made of discarded materials.

The intention is that in the future we can better utilize the leftovers and old brand and marketing materials e.g. from exhibitions and give them a new life. Through re-designing and re-sewing, leftover and old materials can be turned into new and unique gifts, bags, clothes and accessories.

Responsible partnership

The ecological bags were done in cooperation with Globe Hope, a Finnish company which designs and manufactures ecological design products from recycled and discarded materials to give them a new life.

Environmental values are an important part of our business, and the cooperation with Globe Hope supports our ambition to be a responsible partner to our stakeholders. Circular economy is one of key ways to reduce our environmental footprint, and therefore we are very excited about this collaboration. Business gifts made out of our own materials with no use are good way to indicate that Ensto is a responsible partner.