Funds from recycling donated to families with homes devastated by hurricanes

The reorganization of the storage facilities at Ensto USA put both the goods and the good into moving: extra scrap metals were gathered and brought to recycling and the revenue was donated to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund.

Red Cross’ humanitarian efforts provide comfort and hope to many during their times of need. Many families lost their homes, along with all their possessions, when hurricanes Florence and Michael hit the American east coast in the autumn, causing massive destruction.

“The donated amount is by no means in relation to how much help is really needed at the disaster zone. However, we are delighted that we have been able to help people recovering from the devastating hurricanes and to promote the well-being of the environment through rightful recycling,” says Michael Eck, Managing Director, Ensto USA.

Most donations received by the Red Cross are quite small but eventually, they will add up into bigger sums, making every donation important. We want to emphasize this same principle in Ensto's work for the benefit of communities and nature: small actions are an important part of the whole.