Ensto Women against breast cancer

As a celebration for Ensto's 60-year anniversary, our French employees and their daughters united to participate in the 6 km Muddy Angel Run in Lyon, France, on May 26th, 2018. This was the first mud run in Europe that is exclusively for women who want to have fun by combining sport and solidarity. This sports event, in partnership with the associations CAMI Sport & Cancer (in France) and Think-Pink (in Belgium), aims to support the fight against breast cancer.

Cancer is fighting dirty. Well, we can do that too!

Ensto’s most important asset is its staff. In Ensto we work together, committed to common goals. These values were certainly on display on the muddy racetrack.

The Ensto Women team didn’t hesitate to go headlong into mud, water, bubbles and obstacles to show their commitment against this scourge that affects each year more than 50 000 new people in France. This day was charged in emotions and it helped strengthen the link between each participant. "There was no more distinction between the offices and the factory, we were all united to show our involvement in this fight against breast cancer. We had 15 women on the starting line and everyone was able to finish the race," explains Marion Jimenez, communication specialist at Ensto.

"Delighted with this operation, we look forward to participating in the next edition and hope to rally new participants next year!" adds Nicole Cordin from the production of Ensto.