Ensto to sign a petition for a corporate social responsibility campaign in Finland

Business trade makes an important contribution to society’s well-being, by providing employment and services that all benefit people’s quality of life. Unfortunately, not all businesses work this way but instead get an advantage, for example, using child-labour.

Finland has a high level of national legislation protecting human rights. However, it does not oblige companies to act responsibly outside Finland, leaving instead the issue to companies own discretion. Ensto has, as one of its 60th-anniversary celebrations, joined the #Ykkösketjuun campaign to bring awareness and to focus the attention on human rights issues and, if necessary, have companies monitor their activities also outside Finland via legislation.

“The corporate responsibility law promoted by the campaign obliges companies to avoid and reduce their negative impact on human rights. Ensto is supporting the #Ykkösketjuun campaign, which promotes responsible business as in our own company values,” says Matti Rae, Ensto’s head of social relations.

We are an international entity and we feel important that our corporate values include human orientation, transparency and accountability in all our activities regardless of location. Trust is the foundation of all our activities, and this trust must be earned every day.

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