Ensto supporting the Swedish Sea Rescue Society

Ensto is supporting the Swedish Sea Rescue Society launch of a new unit at Lake Bolmen in Southern Sweden. Swedish Sea Rescue Society is responsible for 80 percent of all sea rescues in Sweden – with no government funding.

Having operated for over 100 years, the Swedish Sea Rescue Society salvage is funded by donations and membership fees. We wanted to be part in supporting an important cause and donated an Ensto ground meter cabinet PEVEP125.03-SE to Lake Bolmen’s unit, enabling them to receive electricity into their boats from the quayside, as part of our 60th-anniversary celebrations. At the same time, the ground meter cabinet also serves the electricity needs of a new cottage currently under construction.

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society has nationally around 2300 salvaging volunteers. Every lifeboat has its own crew, ready for 24/7 throughout the year. The crews train actively and systematically. The goal is that a lifeboat is on its way no later than 15 minutes after the alarm.

The sea rescue volunteers work as doctors, fishermen, salesmen and teachers. People from different fields are united by one thing: the desire to help. That same desire also keeps us pushing forward. During our 60th-anniversary we have made concrete actions to build a better future around us.