Ensto Phase Balancer improves quality of electricity in Lithuania

Even though electricity is quiet and invisible, electricity is everywhere. It’s the foundation which enables the modern way of life. Take a second and look around you. What would happen if the electricity would cut off?

Modern home electrical equipment is very demanding to voltage fluctuation and quality. Lithuanian Energy Distribution Operator's (ESO) customers have a low capacity and have experienced flickering of lights, interruptions in washing machine programs and interference in TV sets. The main reason being voltage fluctuation in the 0.4 kV network due to the asymmetrical single-phase loads in the tri-phase network.

This year Ensto celebrates its 60th anniversary and signed to participate in the "Sandbox" project together with ESO. Ensto donated to the project the Ensto Phase Balancer, which remedies the voltage asymmetry in the tri-phase network and increases safety in the short circuit current.

Since June Ensto’s Phase Balancer has been put into test in ESO’s network in Valai, Vilnius region. According to ESO Innovation Experts, the Phase Balancer, and other similar devices will be an alternative to network renovations in the future. The equipment costs tens of times less than a full reconstruction of electrical line and needs less time to get improvements.

Ensto designs and provides smart electrical solutions to improve the safety, functionality, reliability, and efficiency of smart grids, for buildings and transportation. With the donation of the Ensto Phase Balancer, and other anniversary’s good acts we literally want to create a better life with electricity.