Ensto moving thousands of school children

The most important thing is crossing the finish line with a big smile, right? This was the theme of the Running Carneval school sports event, which had almost 1500 children participating in Porvoo. Ensto was happy to support the event and spreading the joy of moving.

Running Carneval in Porvoo, organized by Porvoon Urheilijat in October, was carried out in co-operation with Finnish School Sport Federation and their Running Heroes project. The event, that’s been organized for the second time, has grown into one of Finland's largest individual school sports events.

“We had almost all the Finnish speaking schools and classes participating in the event,” says Perttu Uotila, chairman of the athletics department and organizer of the Running Carneval.

The joy and happiness of movement were tangible at the Kokonniemi sports field, when school children ran tracks, celebrating at crossing the finish line and cheering for each other. Big smiles were everywhere.

Playtime-marathon as everyday movement

Every school participating in the Running Carneval during the fall had an exclusive Running Heroes evaluation, bringing positive experiences from running and movement in general. Over 2500 children took part in finding his and hers individual “running type”.

Each school also launched a series of playtime-marathons, which encouraged children to self-motivated movement.

“In the best schools the children have run a marathon on average, which roughly equals around a kilometer for each child every day,” says Uotila.

For Ensto, supporting the Running Carneval running event was one of 60th anniversary’s celebrations good deeds.

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