Ensto gifts electricity for future professionals

We donated an electric car charging point to the brand-new Careeria in Porvoo. With the gift, we wanted to encourage students to stay curious and to bring awareness to continuous learning: creativity and new ideas are the keys to a sustainable tomorrow.

An electric car charging point is more than a mere electrical outlet. It questions and makes users and passers-by think about the importance of eco-friendly electrification solutions – perhaps even the rapid development of technology. What else can our future professionals come up with?

Porvoo’s new Careeria consists of Edupoli’s and Porvoo International College’s activities, which will unite on January 1st, 2019. At the beginning of the year also a new 4100 m² school building will see the daylight, made according to the Terve Talo (Healthy House) concept. This will be a modern and modular space, and the electric car charging point in the yard supports the proactive vision for future development.

Ensto is an international family-run technology company that wants to create a positive impact. For decades, we have been strongly involved in the Porvoo International College, now uniting with Edupoli to form a new company called Careeria. Through educational cooperation, the unit of Ensto Porvoo has offered a springboard towards working life for both Finnish and international students. At the same time, our company has gained highly trained and innovative employees.

The donation of the electric car charging point was one of our 60th anniversary’s good deeds. We wish the Careeria students a bright and enthusiastic future learning new things and building a sustainable future.

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