Ensto brings light in the dark winter season

This time around our 60th-anniversary’s good act took us all the way to Sweden, where we brought light and movement to the Ågesta Golf Club. We donated 10 lighting poles with the Opera luminaries to the courtyard and parking area, benefiting people with their winter activities as well as golfers.

The Ågesta Golf Club is a vivid golf centre, where smooth greens can be enjoyed throughout the summer months. The surrounding area is also highly considered as a recreational destination and it is especially popular with cross-country skiers during the winter season. In the summer, due to the north location, days are long and graced by a never-setting sun. In contrast, during the long autumn and winter season, darkness falls down already in the early afternoon. It is during this time when the functionality of the lights takes on a significant role in both comfort and safety.

Ågesta Golf Club’s previous lights performed poorly, and we spotted an opportunity for a good act to create a better and safer hobby environment for those on the move.