Ensto and WorldSkills: turn your passion into a profession

The WorldSkills is an international educational program popularizing many different professions for young people and young specialists. It is the global hub for skills with competitions measuring excellence and skills, encouraging young people to turn their passions into a profession. The final stage of WorldSkills 2018 took place in Ekaterinburg, Russia, on October 22nd–27th, Ensto being part of the event.

Rosseti, an operator of energy grids, is using the WS methodology to provide industry-proprietary championship for the young 23–28 years old industry experts in three distinct categories: cable line, relay, and smart metering. A parallel competition is being organized for electrical students and other professions in regional colleges.

Ensto supported and sponsored the events by providing Ensto’s own products for the competitions. Our professionals were also accredited experts of the program and invited to participate as the jury committee.

Ensto’s four experts have already taken part in the stages in Vologda, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and of course the WorldSkills final stage in Ekaterinburg. Our team was happy to see that the students’ level of experience and the number of young industry specialists is growing. They are graduating while being confident assemblers of the power supply systems. We strongly believe that they will continue to grow as extra high-level professionals using the best practices they already got and confirmed during the competition.

Ensto congratulates the winners of the WorldSkills competition:

1. prize – Kleman Denis
2. prize – Savchenko Denis
3. prize – Tetyutskiy Vladimir

As they say, new skills can change people’s lives. Yours too.

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