Converting organic waste into protein

Ensto takes part in projects of societal importance, where future commercial applications may be nebulous. For example, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is researching the use of black soldier fly larvae to convert organic waste into protein for animal feed. Ensto entered the project to see if a remotely controllable heating solution can be created for the sea-containers where the flies are bred.

For Ensto, the immediate benefit is taking a set of quite traditional products into a challenging environment to see if we can accommodate them as we delve further into remote control and sensors in our products.

– It’s a new direction of technology, and it’s good for us to understand what environments our products are used, says Ensto’s Chief Technology Officer for Digital Solutions Visa Parviainen.

One of the main goals of sponsorship for Ensto is to do concrete acts and to be an active and responsible part of society.

– We’re of course not going to start producing containers to grow larvae, but this provides the opportunity to help work toward a circular economy, where low-value matter streams are turned into a high-value streams. That the value of things doesn’t decrease as they get used in a process is a requirement for long-term human survival, Parviainen continues.