Cleaning the environment while cleansing the mind of stress

On September 15th Ensto’s Czech team took part in the Uklidime Zelenec in Zelenec, a picturesque village situated close to Prague. The local clean-up event was part of a bigger global movement called World Cleanup Day. 

Apart from Ensto employees, the event was attended by local families, including little children. The Uklidime Zelenec clean-up event was a strong display of collaboration inside communities, as Veolia and Czech Commercial Bank sponsored the waste bags tools for the cleaning team of 40 volunteers.

The clean-up process went smoothly and efficiently. The amount of waste collected got everybody into thinking for the benefit of the environment and the importance of the clean-up work. A enjoyable moment outside was also a good way to cleanse one’s mind from stress.

As part of our 60th anniversary celebrations, Ensto took part in the World Cleanup Day in eight countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, India, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.

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